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Global Ireland Strategies

Learn more about the Department of Foreign Affairs' Global Ireland Strategies

The Global Ireland strategy was launched by Government in 2018 with the aim of doubling Ireland’s footprint and impact by 2025.

Its ambition is to grow Ireland’s international impact and influence, to be present and active in new cities and countries in the world, to build new partnerships, new business links, new alliances, and new friendships.

The strategic ambition is to make Ireland’s voice count for more on the international stage, to build our national reputation, to exert more influence, and to be a strong participant in global enterprise, trade, culture, diplomacy, peacebuilding, and development.

Regional strategies

Macchu Pichu in Peru

Latin America and the Caribbean to 2025

February 2022

A wee walk under the Northern Lights at Malin Head.

Nordic Region to 2025

December 2021

The Sacre Coeur lit up in green lighting.

Ireland’s Strategy for France to 2025

February 2020

A man dressed in green wearing shamrock shaped glasses watching a float in the St Patrick's Day parade.

Delivering in the Asia Pacific Region to 2025

January 2020

A child at school in Yemen.

Ireland’s Policy for International Development

March 2019

Women's empowerment in Kunike Barina Chiefdom, Tonkolili Region, Sierra Leone. Africa 2019

Ireland's Strategy for Africa to 2025

November 2019

The American and Canadian flags flying off the side of a building.

US and Canada to 2025

February 2019

Global Ireland logo

Ireland's Global Footprint to 2025

June 2018