Study in Ireland

A space to live and learn.

Study in Ireland

Ireland is a special and exciting place for anyone who wants to think, explore and learn.

Culturally rich and endlessly curious, we love to challenge, debate, imagine and create. Our universities and colleges combine academic excellence with transformative student experiences.

We have become a global research leader in areas such as chemistry, nanotechnology, immunology, agriculture, materials science and mathematics.

Hallway with atrium and high ceiling in University College Cork

Study and research

Why study in Ireland?

Ireland’s worldwide reputation for high quality education is built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence.

We provide a world-class educational environment in English, a solid support system and a fun and active student life.

In Ireland, you have a variety of options, from short-term study abroad to highly specialised graduate studies.

two students at an English language school talking with their teacher who is looking over their shoulders in between them. Photographer George Munday Tourism Ireland

Discover an island rich in heritage

Academic quality

Beyond a reputation for academic quality and choice, students are drawn to Ireland for our deep cultural traditions, diverse outdoor activities and a vibrant young population.

Ireland has become synonymous with wit, intellect and lively debate.

Studying in Ireland gives you the unique opportunity to discover an island rich in heritage and colourful contrasts.

Trinity Long Hall with columns of books and an arched ceiling

Maximise your potential

Irish institutions consistently produce renowned intellectuals and thought-leaders that inspire, enlighten and entertain the world.

Opting to study in Ireland means you will be joining the growing number of international students choosing to maximise their potential here, experiencing a welcome like no other in the world.

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