Global Goals Week at Expo

12 Meán Fómhair 2022

Ireland is a small country with a large global footprint. An outward-looking people with a tradition of emigration, the Irish have always viewed themselves as being part of a global community.

Ireland’s history ensures that empathy with those facing hardship around the world has always been firmly embedded in our culture.

Long before Ireland co-chaired the Sustainable Development Goals agreement, a deep sense of fairness and compassion was engrained in our national psyche. Around the world today, the Irish are peacekeepers, educators, activists, carers and donors.

To mark Global Goals Week at Expo2020, the Ireland Pavilion hosts Object That Connect Us, an exhibition which points to Ireland’s rich culture of solidarity and support for vulnerable people around the world. Each object on display tells a powerful story of Ireland’s desire to build a world free from poverty, hunger and injustice.

Whether working as communities or individuals, or through powerful bodies such as the European Union and United Nations, Ireland’s voice has always been loud and consistent in support of those who need it, regardless of where in the world they are.

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