five musicians in a canyon, four men and one women, carrying a variety of string instruments

I Draw Slow

A live session at sundown as part of our Due West series

Follow Americana Dublin-based band, I Draw Slow, into the heat of the California desert for a live session at sundown.

"Very much an old time roots lineup", I Draw Slow are made up of a double bass, fiddle, banjo, guitar and vocals. Starting out, Appalachian-style folk music was where their interest lay. But over the years, touring in the Western US has seen many new influences to their work.

Here they preform 'Copenhagen interpretation' from their latest album, as part of our Due West series.

Due West celebrates the cultural links between Ireland and America. It profiles Irish artists traversing the Western US.

Due West: I Draw Slow

Artist: I Draw Slow
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Alannah Campion, Christine Schwan and Justin Schwan
Assistant Editor and Consulting Producer: Laura Sheeran Location Sound: Jared Carrigan Sound Engineer: Adrian Hart
Location: Tranquility Base Camp, Santa Clarity Valley.

Supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland