Ireland in the United States of America

The United States of America has been a steadfast friend to the entire island of Ireland.

It is this friendship that, over many decades, has contributed to the process and peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland the Good Friday Agreement. This leadership and support for peace by the United States has transformed the lives of the people of this island – most especially in Northern Ireland and created an important legacy for both countries.

Engagement by successive US Administrations and Congress, and the support of the Irish diaspora in the United States, have been indispensable over the last three decades. This will continue to play a critical part in ensuring peace and economic progress on the island of Ireland.

Ireland and the USA at a glance

Shared commitment to multilateralism

Irish and American values are most vividly expressed in our shared commitment to multilateralism.

For both countries, multilateralism derives from a deeply held belief in the shared humanity of people everywhere, and the interdependence of all nations for security and human progress.

Two-way investment

The United States has long been, and remains, one of Ireland’s most steadfast economic partners.

Two-way investment between the United States and Ireland is strong and growing. Ireland’s foreign direct investment in the United States was approximately $343.5 billion in 2019 and supported 336,400 U.S.-based jobs.

Irish companies are significant investors in the United States across a wide range of sectors: Ireland is now the ninth largest source of FDI to the United States, with 700 Irish companies directly responsible for employing 110,000 people across all 50 states.

St Patrick’s Day 2023

Each year, on the 17 March St Patrick’s Day, we come together as a global community, to mark Ireland’s values and extend the bonds of friendship.

This year's St Patrick's Day celebrations marked '100 years of Ireland in the world'.

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