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Emergency contact details

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Emergency contact details

If you need emergency assistance from the Embassy, then contact us immediately. Our telephone number is: +971 (0) 2 4958200. 

If you require emergency assistance at the weekend or on a public holiday, you will be asked to leave a message on the answering machine. The answering machine is monitored regularly, and the Duty Officer at the Embassy will contact you as soon as possible. When you leave a message, remember to state your name, the nature of the problem, where you are now, and the details of how the Duty Officer can contact you (e.g. leave your mobile phone number, or the phone number of the hotel/hostel where you are staying). If necessary, contact the police also. Please note that the Duty Officer will deal with emergencies only.

Contacting the Police/Emergency Services in UAE

If necessary, also contact the police*. The UAE Police can be contacted under 999 and other emergency services are as follows

Ambulance 998/999            
Civil Defence  997                       
Coast Guard  996              
Municipality  993 

* Personal attacks, including sexual assault and rape, are relatively rare, but do happen. Please note that UAE law places a high burden of proof on the victim to demonstrate that sexual relations were not consensual, especially when the victim had consumed alcohol or where the attacker was known to the victim. If in doubt, please contact the Embassy (+971 (0) 2 4958200) in the first instance.

Loss/Theft of Passport

If your passport is lost or stolen, contact the Embassy as soon as possible. You must also go to the nearest Police Station and make a report. Keep a copy of your statement to the police as you will have to submit it with your application for a new passport. 

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