The National Library's New Chapter

National Library of Ireland

The National Library's New Chapter

12 July 2017
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The National Library of Ireland is situated in one of the most politically and culturally important areas in the country.

It shares a block with Leinster House – where the Government is headquartered – the National Gallery of Ireland and both the Archaeology and Natural History wings of the National Museum of Ireland.

Despite these illustrious neighbours, the National Library of Ireland should never be overlooked. Beyond this glorious Victorian facade lies a wealth of equally glorious treasures.

The institution holds an invaluable trove of materials documenting Ireland’s heritage and history – the fruits of 140 years of careful curation. The National Library’s goal is to preserve these priceless documents for future generations and its staff works tirelessly to achieve it.

Proud protector of our country’s story, the National Library of Ireland on Dublin’s Kildare Street is about to get a landmark €10 million renovation.

From books to music scores to newspapers to maps, each item tells a unique part of the story of Ireland. The institution also helps people all over the world piece together their own Irish heritage with its comprehensive genealogy services.

In a bid to continue this essential work, the National Library of Ireland is embarking on an ambitious €10 million renovation. With funding provided by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs, this four-year project is designed to ensure perfect long-term storage conditions for the precious national collections and facilitate digitising these important documents.

The project – called ‘Reimagining the National Library’ – also boosts public spaces and services within the institution, including the creation of a new exhibition space, lecture room and cafe.

These impressive redevelopment plans mark the start of an exciting new chapter in the National Library of Ireland’s story and reassure every Irish citizen that their history will remain expertly preserved for years to come.