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Ireland - Where You Are

13 March 2018
2 min

Proud of Our Global Footprint

Every day, Ireland’s political, economic, social, cultural and security priorities are being advanced by over 1,000 public servants and over 600 Defence Forces and security personnel serving on international assignments.

Public servants actively promote Ireland’s international reputation in all its dimensions, from the sustainability and quality of our food, the talent and creativity of our people, our ability to innovate and inspire, to our commitment to international development, peace and security.

Ireland currently conducts its international relations with 178 countries through a global network of embassies, consulates and State Agency offices in 96 overseas locations.

Ireland’s State Agencies also operate an extensive network of international offices, including 33 Enterprise Ireland, 21 IDA, 15 Tourism Ireland and 13 Bórd Bia offices.

Officials, diplomats, public servants and agency staff are working in countries across the world to advance Ireland’s national interests, to support our citizens, to attract investment and tourism into Ireland, to develop and expand export markets for what we produce, and to support the entrepreneurs and business people who create jobs in the country.

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