Intercom: Life in the Fast Lane

Eoghan McCabe, Co-founder & CEO of Intercom

Intercom: Life in the Fast Lane

08 March 2017
3 min read

Intercom’s story is the stuff of legend – and envy – in Silicon Valley. Founded by four Irishmen in 2011, it’s now one of the world’s fastest growing tech startups with its 2016 revenue hitting $50 million (€47 million).

The idea for Intercom was born in 3fe, one of Dublin’s hippest cafes. Sick of the often soulless business-to-customer interaction online, McCabe and his fellow co-founders - Des Traynor, Ciarán Lee and David Barrett - thought they could do a better job.

A self-proclaimed “dual-citizen company”, it has had offices in both San Francisco and Dublin since day one. Intercom’s communication products are designed to help companies communicate with customers online in a more personalised way.

Reaching the $50 million revenue mark faster than startup darlings HubSpot, ZenDesk and Shopify is more than significant. It’s extraordinary.

McCabe moved to San Francisco on the eve of his 26th birthday and hit the ground running to raise funding from every available avenue and the company took off. Intercom went on to raise six million dollars in a Series A funding round, $23 million in Series B and $35 million in Series C, gaining investors as fast as it was gaining customers.

Reaching such lofty heights after just a few short years in business, who knows where this innovative tech startup will end up?