Food For Thought: Ireland Goes Green

Bord Bia - Saoirse

Food For Thought: Ireland Goes Green

14 March 2017
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Green is the colour that the world most associates with Ireland. It’s one of three colours on the Irish flag; it’s the colour of the soccer and rugby jerseys our players wear; it’s even the colour of the country itself, covered in rolling fields and tens of thousands of family farms.

It’s those fields and farms that Origin Green aims to protect, which is why twice Oscar-nominated Irish actress Saoirse Ronan volunteered to represent the movement. She is joined by 60,000 farms and 551 companies in setting and achieving quantifiable sustainability targets to minimise the environmental impact of Irish food production and protect the natural resources that the island enjoys.

This unique programme is the first of its kind and the world’s only sustainability programme operating on a national scale. This unprecedented endeavour, an initiative of Bord Bia, the Irish food Board, unites government with the private sector and food producers in order to protect and sustain the world for future generations. Today, 95% of Ireland’s billions of euro worth of food exports adhere to Origin Green’s sustainability charter.

Despite being a small country, Ireland’s massive farming and food export industry is setting a big example to the world; human-caused climate change, a huge part of which is due to animal farming, is one of the biggest problems facing humanity and Ireland is leading the charge against it.

Saoirse Ronan