Aoife Dunne: Limitless Creativity

Aoife Dunne's Limitless

Aoife Dunne: Limitless Creativity

26 July 2017
2 min read

Dublin artist Aoife Dunne certainly hasn’t done things by halves. For her installation Limitless, she has produced a video game and then fully recreated its 2D environment physically too. The enveloping work allows audiences to truly step inside this world and experience it for themselves.

On display at Draíocht Arts Centre, Blanchardstown, the installation experience is akin to stepping inside a hyper-real, technicolour Japanese discotheque. Visitors can expect a world populated by psychedelic shapes and multiple blue-haired figures, all seemingly a replica of the artist herself. The result is a DayGlo fever dream; a video game trip through the subconscious. Super Mario Bros. this is not.

Limitless’ central theme is the preoccupation with perfection and the strive for the unattainable; having exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver and the Royal Academy of Arts in London, this focus has clearly struck a chord with digital savvy visitors of every age, gathering acclaim and momentum in every location.

The result is a DayGlo fever dream, a video game trip through the subconscious.

Inspired by the likes of Cindy Sherman and Yayoi Kusama, Dunne says of her work that she likes to move between physical and digital worlds, with deliberate childlike playfulness and absurdity. She explores identity through the engaging use of costume and by creating large-scale interactive environments.

The inventive fine art graduate of Dublin's National College of Art and Design also finds the time to work as a stylist and creative director, successfully straddling parallel professional worlds outside of her unique visual art too.

Experience Limitless for yourself at Draíocht until 26 August 2017.