Fenians, Fremantle and Freedom

Fenians Fremantle and Freedom (FFF) Inc was formed to remember, commemorate and celebrate the Irish Fenian political prisoners transported to Western Australia in 1868.

In 2021, the group focused on converting written historical material into short engaging podcasts, accessible short YouTube clips and other digital material.

With the help of a number of committed local volunteers, the podcasts were researched, written, recorded and produced. The four Podcasts recordings are entitled Ireland’s Fenian Rising; Transportation on the Hougoumont; In and Out of Fremantle Prison and The Rebel Poet – John Boyle O’Reilly.

Some of the Podcasts narrators were young Irish members of the diaspora.

They reported feeling proud that through their contribution to the project, the Fenian story was now in a recorded format that could be assessed by future generations.

Some local Irish born musicians were delighted to hear about the Podcasts and offered to record some original and new music which was incorporated and produced as part of the Podcasts.

To properly house the Podcasts, FFF’s website was redesigned. The new website now provides more details about the history through a collection of resources including Podcasts, Write-Ups, Character Profiles, Timelines of Events, Videos, Lecture Speeches, Books, Articles, Walks and Tours.

With this engaging digital material, FFF is able to effectively assist to young people, families and children to learn about the Fenians story, to tell the story and to become what they call ‘keepers for the future’.