Our diaspora on St Patrick’s Day

This is an occasion on which Irish communities around the world celebrate their identity, culture and heritage as well as their connection to Ireland.

One of the most important dates in the calendar for Ireland and our Irish diaspora across the world is St Patrick’s Day.

Around 17 March each year, St Patrick's Day parades, events and receptions take place to celebrate Irish culture around the world.

Who are the 'Irish diaspora'?

Ireland takes a broad and inclusive definition of the Irish diaspora, one that reflects the rich diversity of our global community. The contemporary diaspora is composed of individuals of every background from communities in every part of the world.

It includes Irish citizens living overseas, both those born in Ireland and those born abroad to Irish families, as well as the heritage diaspora, those many millions of people of Irish descent around the world.

Inclusive culture

The 'Irish diaspora' embraces and includes those who have lived, studied or worked in Ireland before returning to their home countries. It also includes the affinity diaspora who hold a deep appreciation for our people, places and culture. Together, these groups form the Global Irish.

Ireland’s Diaspora Strategy 2020-2025

Ireland's Diaspora Strategy for the period 2020-2025 sets out how the Government is supporting and engaging with our diaspora communities around the world.

Find out more - Diaspora Strategy 2020-2025

Irish community networks around the world

Here are just a few of the many Irish community networks from around the world.

group of people on a sports field in orange jerseys holding signs

The Wild Geese Society

An Irish community organisation in Zambia who provide a supportive network and promote Irish culture there.

Four Irish dancers dancing in a line in a room surrounded by people sitting watching.

Norwegian Irish Society

The Norwegian Irish Society aims to provide a focal point for Irish culture in Norway and a central source of information for Irish residents.

group photo with people under an outside shelter on a sunny day holding an Irish Pride banner

Rian Immigrant Center (Boston)

This community, based in Boston, supports Irish immigrants and visitors by providing crucial support services and programs.

four traditional Irish musicians performing on stage at Celtic Junction Arts Center (Minnesota)

Celtic Junction Arts Center (Minnesota)

The Celtic Junction Arts Center (CJAC) was founded in 2016, with a mission to celebrate, promote, and preserve cultural arts and community.

group photo in front of a white building

The Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship

The Department of Foreign Affairs are a proud sponsor of the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship in Ireland.

five currachs (old traditional Irish boats) in the water with people rowing on sunny day

Boston Currach Club

The club is home to Irish immigrants and local Irish Americans and champions developing the culture of Currach rowing in the US.