patches for quilt for St Brigid's Day

Common threads

St Brigid’s cloak is central to the story of how she founded her church and became one of Ireland’s patron saints.

Her legendary cloak is often depicted as a patchwork of colours and materials, reflecting the diversity and inclusivity of Brigid’s values and her work.

Forty artworks were received in Dublin from a range of locations including Abuja, Budapest, Cairo, Kyiv, and Shanghai, symbolically reflecting the spread of Ireland’s diplomatic network, while illustrating the power of creative expression to form connections.

The pieces were combined by the Irish Patchwork Society as featured in the video, and the final artwork is on display at EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin.

Artwork and textile artists

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Common Threads is the Department of Foreign Affairs’ global art project to celebrate Lá Fhéile Bhríde | St. Brigid’s Day.

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