young man in white shirt singing with microphone hanging above him with irish road projected behind him

‌Crescendo Verde - Growing Green

In 2022, the Embassy produced the Growing Green brochure.

This showcases the work of the Embassy’s partnerships in advancing young green entrepreneurship in Mozambique.

13 projects are highlighted in the brochure. Each one a shining example of young Mozambican talent using innovation and creativity to find green solutions for a more sustainable future.

Growing Green Brochure - English Version

Growing Green Brochure - Portuguese Version

‌Crescendo Verde - Growing Green song

‌On World Earth Day in April last year, the Embassy released an original piece of music called ‘Crescendo Verde’.

This was part of an Ireland-Mozambique collaboration between the Irish Cork Youth Orchestra and Mozambican musician Dom Junior.

Crescendo Verde

Climate change awareness

Linking young people from different countries, the song serves as a reminder of the importance of raising awareness about climate change. Our decisions and their impact on the planet leads the song to highlight the need to work together for a greener and sustainable future.

Crescendo Verde - Growing Green by Cork Youth Orchestra and Dom Júnior


"Tell me what it's gonna be?
Which side you gonna pick?
The side where:
The planet is dying
Animals being extinct
Children are crying
Cold is becoming colder
Hot is becoming hotter
Storms, and other natural disasters
Radiation threats
This Is karma?
We are the disease that's killing de nature
All i ask you to do is to be part of the solution
Plant a tree
Let the earth breathe
If one man can change the world
What about all lots of them
Beginnings hide it selves in ends
Be aware of climate change
Be aware of climate change

Tell me what is gonna be?
Which side you gonna pick?
The side where:
Everybody is healthy
Less floods
Lots of food
Controlled CO2 emissions
Fossil fuels consumption reduction
Ride a bike to school or the job
Take the bus
Park your car
Look at the sun and all that power
Get same solar panels
The wind, the rivers sustainable, go green
100% clean energy
We wish for a world where everybody is happy as never seen before

Tell me what is gonna be?
Which side you gonna pick?
We have to make a choice".