Irish Aid

Ireland’s support for communities around the world is a reflection of Irish values of fairness, equality and solidarity.

Ireland has a long tradition of standing in solidarity with people facing poverty, inequality and injustice around the world.

We believe in creating a better world for everyone. For almost 50 years, Irish Aid, the Irish Government’s official development assistance (ODA) programme, has worked to make that a reality.

Working on behalf of the Irish people, Irish Aid helps to build better futures by supporting long-term development and providing humanitarian assistance.

International development priorities

Ireland has four key international development priorities:

  1. Reducing humanitarian need
  2. Climate action
  3. Gender equality
  4. Strengthening governance.

We focus on areas where Ireland has proven expertise and can make a real difference. These include conflict prevention and resolution, humanitarian action, agriculture and nutrition, health, social protection and education.

In 2023, Ireland will invest an unprecedented €1.2bn in supporting development and humanitarian assistance around the world. This is the most Ireland has ever invested in global development – a sign of Ireland’s commitment to standing in solidarity with people around the world.

tent used as part of earthquake response

Responding to the Tϋrkiye-Syria earthquake

When the devastating earthquake hit Tϋrkiye and Syria in February, Ireland provided vital humanitarian help to survivors.

Two young children, with their mothers all smiling at a community meeting in Turkana, Kenya

Ireland's impact around the world

Ireland invested €976 m in supporting communities around the world in 2021.

a woman who grows coffee at Gorongosa, Mozambique standing surrounded by coffee plants

Grants up to €250,000 available

The Africa Agri-Food Development Programme (AADP) supports Irish agri-food businesses in Africa.

A Better World

Global Ireland, the Government’s strategy for doubling the scope and impact of Ireland’s global footprint and influence by 2025, recognises that international development cooperation amplifies and sustains Ireland’s place in an interconnected world.

It is at the heart of Ireland’s contribution to a more equal, peaceful and sustainable world.

A Better World is Ireland’s policy for international development.

A Better World. Ireland’s Policy for International Development.
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two African women in colourful dresses in front of a colourful mural

Africa Day 2023

Africa Day is Ireland’s annual celebration of the cultural, trade and people-to-people links between our small island and the vast continent of Africa.