Annual Report 2022

Report shows record investment in Ireland’s ODA

18 October 2023
Credit: Solomon Kebede/Vita
A man holds a large bunch of root vegetable as he stands in a tilled field.
Kaleb Garine is a farmer who lives in the Gamo Zone of Ethiopia

In 2022, the Government of Ireland invested almost €2.3 billion in Official Development Assistance (ODA).

This represents 0.63% of GNI. The figure includes eligible first-year costs of €880 million associated with the provision of services for Ukrainian refugees in Ireland.

Excluding costs relating to Ukrainian refugees, the figure for Ireland’s 2022 ODA is €1.4 billion, representing 0.39% of GNI.

Some key facts from 2022

Record investment

2022 saw record investment in Irish Aid. Excluding costs associated with hosting Ukrainian refugees, Ireland’s ODA in 2022 (€1.4bn) increased by approximately 40% from 2021 levels (€976m). The previous four highest ODA allocations were recorded in 2021 (€976m), 2008 (€921m), 2007 (€871m) and 2019 (€870m).

Highest-receiving countries

The five countries which received the highest amounts of bilateral ODA support from Ireland in 2022 were:

  • Ukraine (€53m)
  • Ethiopia (€41m)
  • Mozambique (€27m)
  • Tanzania (€25m)
  • Uganda (€24m)

Highest percentage in almost a decade

Including in-country refugee costs, Ireland’s ODA for 2022 represented 0.63% of GNI. Excluding the cost of hosting Ukrainian refugees, ODA levels represented 0.39% of GNI. This is the highest percentage spend in almost a decade.

Whole-of-Government programme

Irish Aid is a whole-of-Government programme managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Contributions to Ireland’s ODA are made from a range of Departments. These include Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Finance, Department of Environment, Climate and Communications, Department of Health, and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

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