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Ireland Fellows Programme

The Ireland Fellows Programme offers people from around the world the opportunity to spend one year studying in Ireland.

Ireland believes that education is central to creating a better world. The Ireland Fellows Programme is one of Irish Aid’s most longstanding programmes

Participants avail of Ireland’s top class third level institutions, gaining skills to contribute to their countries when they return home.

Students study for a Masters or PhD in areas linked with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A global call

The 2023/24 academic year sees 206 students from 42 countries studying in third level institutions across Ireland.

Graduates have gone on to make significant contributions across a range of important areas.

We are proud that Ireland, through its excellent third level institutions, can help to deliver long-term change.

The Ireland Fellows Programme promotes gender equality, equal opportunity, and welcomes diversity. Programme implementation in Ireland is supported by the Irish Council for International Students (ICOS).


Meet the Fellows

Duong Nguyen Bao Ngan

A woman standing in front of an open window.

Duong Nguyen Bao Ngan, from Vietnam, is studying for a Masters Degree in Public Advocacy and Activism at University of Galway. She is hoping to develop her skills and gain from the experience of meeting people with similar interests.

“Through my experience, I have developed a passion for learning more about the world and hearing people’s stories. I want to connect with people to create a positive impact on society. I will come to Ireland with a peaceful mind, a grateful and open heart, like the slogan Céad mile fáilte - ‘One hundred thousand welcomes’.”

Aida Hasten Chiro

A headshot of a smiling woman.

Aida Hasten Chiro, from Malawi, is studying for a Masters Degree in International Development at Maynooth University.

“I am looking forward to studying in an international university which will allow me to interact and share experiences with individuals from different fields of work and countries,” she said.

“It will broaden my scope of understanding, promote networking amongst students and facilitate learning beyond course lifetime. This will help me with good policies on development issues of Malawi.”

Digorio Pereira

A man stands in front of a sun-filled square lined with trees and plants.

Digorio Pereira, from Timor Leste, is studying for an MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering at the South East Technological University in Waterford.

Coming from a country experiencing the impact of climate change, this qualification will help Digorio develop green technology back in Timor Leste.

“I have a passion for the energy sector,” he said. “The programme will help advance my knowledge in energy sustainability, green technology and the development of cleaner energy.

“The program will also provide opportunity to develop personal skills to be able to think innovatively, network and connect with energy experts and global companies in Ireland.”

Digorio is also looking forward to learning more about Irish history.

Elisa Castrillón Palacio

A woman wearing a helemt stands behind a bike. In the background is a lake and green mountains.

Elisa Castrillón Palacio, from Colombia, is studying for a Masters Degree in Women’s Studies at University College Cork.

She is particularly interested in studying in Ireland given the shared history of conflict which has parallels with Colombia.

“I’m excited to participate on the Ireland Fellows Programme because it gives me a unique opportunity to explore this wonderful country. Ireland has a fascinating history of conflict, resilience and social equality from which I, as a Colombian, can learn so much.

“Also, I’m excited about the possibility of connecting with people all around the world who share my same interests. This will allow me to open my scope and get to know different perspectives on both personal and professional aspects of my life.”

Kimsor Oeng

A headshot of a man looking into the camera.

Kimsor Oeng, from Cambodia, is studying for a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development, Agri-food and Cooperatives at University College Cork (UCC).

He believes he can learn a lot from the Irish experience of agricultural development, which will allow him to contribute to improvements in Cambodia.

“I am passionate about improving our relationship to food, from cultivation to processing to consumption and waste management,” he said.

“I look forward to learning about the Irish experience in sustainable agriculture and food management. I am incredibly excited and humbled by the chance to work with like-minded people on how to transform our food systems for the purpose of feeding our people, sustaining our natural heritage and preserving our food cultures and deep connection to the land.”


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