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Rural Development and Peacebuilding in Ireland and Colombia

The Department of Foreign Affairs is delighted to host a discussion on “Rural Development and Peacebuilding in Ireland and Colombia”, taking place in honour of the visit of Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia, Ms. Cecilia López, to Ireland in September 2022.

Following remarks from Minister López, a panel discussion includes participation from the Secretary General of the Department of Rural and Community Development, Ms. Mary Hurley; Secretary General of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Joe Hackett; and Mr. Andres Sanabria, Policy Analyst at the OECD.

Rural development and social inclusion are key to creating the conditions for sustainable peace and these issues are particularly significant in the contexts of Colombia and Ireland. Building on Ireland and Colombia’s existing close collaboration in the area of peace, this panel discussion, which takes place two days before the OECD Rural Development conference begins in Co. Cavan, explores the approaches taken to the issue of rural development and peacebuilding in Colombia and on the island of Ireland, drawing on the expertise of its participants to find parallels and identify areas where lessons can be shared.

The discussion will be live-streamed below at 1.30pm on 26 September 2022, and available to watch back after the event.

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