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Ireland in Germany: A Wider and Deeper Footprint

Germany is the largest country in our shared European Union, and a vital political and economic partner.

It is also fertile landscape for Irish culture and an innovative and global player of more than 80 million people in today’s shifting world.

Partners on the global stage

Germany is an indispensable partner for Ireland: whether in day-to-day debate and negotiation on European legislation which directly impacts on Irish citizens.

This can be from agricultural policy to banking regulation or on the global stage as we jointly seek to address some of the world’s biggest challenges - that defy the control of any single nation - from migration to crisis prevention and disarmament.

Commitments to equality, diversity and human rights

It is also a partner with which we share many core values. Both committed to the rule of law, to the UN and the multilateral world order as well as to human rights, the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the protection of the vulnerable, a belief in an open society and in the capacity of free trade to grow our economies, and commitments to equality, diversity and opportunity.