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A force for good in the world

We travel and explore. We like to know the world and we like the world to know us. We are committed to a more just and sustainable world. We are Europeans and we are global citizens. We are peacekeepers. We believe in the power of friendship, partnership and open conversation. With more than 70 million people around the world who trace their family to Ireland, we are a global people, alert to the social and cultural challenges in the world around us today.

How Irish People Are Making an Impact Around the World

More than 70 million people around the world trace their family origins to Ireland. That makes us a truly global people, with a global perspective. People of Irish ancestry have made, and continue to make, a significant impact on the world – in culture, in business, in politics – in all walks of life. Irish people are committed Europeans and global citizens. We respond to humanitarian crises like no others. Our troops serve as global peacekeepers. We do our best to help, wherever we can. We are a small nation with a global perspective and we are always keen to form alliances and respond to issues of global importance.

This section will share some of the stories of the diaspora with you, so you can see why we’re so proud of our global family.

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global landmarks turned green last St. Patrick’s Day
36 million
people of Irish heritage live in the United States of America (US Census Bureau, 2014)
60 years
Irish peacekeepers have served continuously on UN peacekeeping missions


Culture Ireland

Promoting Irish arts worldwide. 

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Defence Forces Ireland

Ireland's Army, Air Corps and Naval Service.

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Department of Defence

Ensuring the secure and stable environment necessary for economic growth and development.

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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Providing a range of services to Irish citizens and working to ensure the promotion and protection of Ireland’s interests in the world.

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IDA Ireland

Promoting Foreign Direct Investment into Ireland through a wide range of services.

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Irish Aid

Irish Aid is the Irish Government’s programme for overseas development.

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