Solar power grids in the French countryside.

Ireland and France: building a sustainable future for Europe

Irish and French companies are advancing sustainable development in Europe and tackling the pressing issue of climate change.

Innovative firms dedicated to developing low-carbon technologies, have a crucial role in the transition towards a sustainable future.

Three examples of these companies are:

Allez les Verts: construire un avenir durable pour l’Europe


The mission Ecocem mission is to build a sustainable future by leading the way with low carbon cement technology. They have helped to develop the lowest carbon cement ever used in Europe at scale. It has been used on projects such Le Grand Paris and Dublin’s Aviva Stadium.


EirGrid operates and develops the national high voltage electricity grid in Ireland. Since 2011, it has been working with its French equivalent Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE) to develop the Celtic Interconnector which will help achieve climate objectives and benefit electricity customers and markets in Ireland, France and the EU.


Founded in 2018, Amarenco is an independent energy producer. It builds infrastructure, including photovoltaic electricity production, that can be associated with storage, battery solutions and green hydrogen research.