Team Ireland at Expo

A Team Ireland approach sees Government Departments and State Agencies working closely with other Irish Stakeholders to strengthen our international reputation and drive the development of trade, tourism, investment, science, technology and innovation, culture and education. Each and every day, Team Ireland abroad, aided by support teams at home, are working to identify and take advantage of new opportunities for Ireland.

Expo 2020 is a major platform for Team Ireland. The Department of Foreign Affairs is working with Government Departments, State Agencies, business, arts and culture, academia and the creative industries to ensure an impactful Ireland presence.

Government Departments, Agencies and other Irish stakeholders will play a major part in Ireland@Expo, through permanent presentations at the Irish Pavilion, participation in relevant Expo themed weeks, dedicated communications strategies for Expo, hosting targeted events at the Irish pavilion, often to coincide with major trade shows taking place in UAE, and collaborative events with other international participants.

A key aspect to Ireland’s engagement with Expo will be Ministerial attendance and participation across the six months.

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