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Éire Bheoga: A Celebration of Irish Animation

A reel of film with cartoons depicted, beside the text Éire Bheoga: A Celebration of Irish Animation
Éire Bheoga: A Celebration of Irish Animation

In recent years, the animation sector in Ireland has transformed itself into a global powerhouse, boasting world-class storytellers and studios, alongside a thriving sector for international enterprise.

Irish animation studios are developing a wide breadth and depth of talent and have garnered a global reputation for storytelling and visual artistry.

For the past decade, animation in Ireland has experienced rapid and remarkable growth. The sector almost quadrupled in size over the past decade, and 2019 production figures showed that Irish animation accounted for nearly 50% of all production spending in the country. 2021 figures show that local Irish animation spend have increased by 27% since then. This success forms part of a record-breaking year for the screen industry, where an unprecedented €500 million was spent in the Irish economy across film, television drama, documentary and animation production.

With major global players like Brown Bag Films, Cartoon Saloon and Boulder Media, the commercial and critical success of Irish animation is due to a mixture of business acumen, state support via the state tax incentive Section 481, and a deeply skilled and talented workforce.

The last year alone saw the worldwide critical acclaim for Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart’s Wolfwalkers, with its phenomenal awards success and Academy Award nomination. in 2020 Two by Two Overboard, produced by Moetion Pictures in Galway, topped the UK box office when it was released. At the same time, during a global pandemic, production companies like Giant Animation, Jam Media and Kavaleer continued to develop a host of world-class TV series in partnership with almost every major broadcaster, from Disney to the BBC to Turner Media.

Ensuring we have Irish stories on screen for children is very important to Screen Ireland and Animation Ireland. These stories entertain audiences young and old, shape our identity and teach us important lessons about life. As Nora Twomey’s The Breadwinner so poignantly tells us: “Stories remain in our hearts, even when all else is gone.” 

As the largest investor in Irish animation, Screen Ireland is deeply proud of the sector’s incredible success and its power to reach audiences around the world. The animators, writers, directors, producers, VFX artists, production crew and industry professionals that make up the sector are at the heart of Irish animation’s success. Our aim is to continue to support them as they make stories that remain in our hearts, from generation to generation.

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