The Courtyard

The Courtyard, a gathering space within the Irish Pavilion at Expo, featuring multiple breakout spaces for people to sit and meet.
The Courtyard, a gathering space within the Irish Pavilion at Expo.

The Courtyard is a gathering place. It provides a welcoming ambience for our visitors to converse with our pavilion ambassadors, listen to exceptional Irish musicians and speak to them about their craft and musical tradition, explore our architectural exhibitions, and learn about Ireland and the people of Ireland. This space is designed as a square within a square with an open roof and roofed internal perimeter – bringing to life both the European cloister and the Arab garden.

Animating the Courtyard will be the Expo Players, our house ensemble, performing Irish music through every day of Expo. The Expo players are drawn from a deep well of young Irish musical talent. They will introduce audiences to Irish music, its history, instruments and stories.

They will also create their own interpretations of songs from the Irish songbook, in engaging performances that will reveal the background to and history of the songs. With musicians rotating monthly, the Expo Players will reflect a young, talented Ireland and offer audiences an authentic insight into qualities of creativity and virtuosity that are flourishing in Irish music.

Visitors to the courtyard will also have an opportunity to ‘Press the Green Button’ with Tourism Ireland and experience the wonders of Ireland’s landscape and the dynamism of the Irish market.

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