Travel and Connectivity Week

9-16 January 2022 marks Travel and Connectivity Week at Expo 2020, Dubai.

13 January 2022

9-16 January 2022 marks Travel and Connectivity Week at Expo 2020, Dubai. Throughout the week, discussion at Expo will explore travel, digitalisation and connectivity as a universal human right and force for good in a changing world. Our physical world is increasingly shaped by digital technologies, highlighting the growing importance of digital governance as we balance the impact of digital world expansion with our physical reality.

Concepts such as smart cities and connectivity as the bedrock of healthy and empowered societies will be explored, as we look toward a post pandemic world.

Ireland is one of the most connected countries in the world. As global communities, economies and countries become increasingly interlinked, the Travel and Connectivity theme week will provide an additional focus on Ireland as an attractive place to live, work, visit and do business.

Ireland is a destination like no other and tourism is one of Ireland’s largest indigenous sectors. The dynamic Tourism Ireland team in Dubai promote the island of Ireland as a compelling holiday destination and recently won ‘Most Engaging Tourism Board’ at the 2021 Arabian Travel Awards. This year marks 10 years of flights between Ireland and Dubai with Emirates, helping to keep the two regions connected and providing an important gateway for tourism, both into and out of Ireland.

As an island nation, high-quality international connectivity is fundamental to our international competitiveness, our trading performance in both goods and services, and our attractiveness as a location for both foreign direct investment and tourism. The Government’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing our connectivity through continued investment in our ports and airports is evident in The National Development Plan 2021-2030, which provides for overall investment of €165 billion in infrastructure, which includes ports and airports, and enhanced regional connectivity on the island.

Although geographically a small island, Ireland’s people and our outlook are global, influenced by connecting with people and societies around the world.