Embassy Lisbon hosts Minister James Browne TD

Embassy Lisbon hosts Minister James Browne TD in collaboration with the Danish Embassy

16 March 2023
crowd of people sitting on chairs facing the top of the room at launch event
Embassy Lisbon launch of Into Europe exhibiton

In February, Minister James Browne TD participated in a joint Embassy Lisbon-Danish Embassy EU50 event along with Portuguese Secretary of State Tiago Antunes, European Movement CEO Noelle O’Connell and former Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Gender Equality Lykke Friis.

Following an initial keynote address by Minister Browne, opening remarks by SoS Antunes and initial presentations by Noelle O’Connell and Lykke Friis, a wide-ranging Q&A session featured topics such as EU unity against the backdrop of economic and other pressures resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, EU enlargement prospects for Ukraine and other candidates, and potential resulting internal EU changes.