An Irish passport

How to apply for a passport

Applying online

This is the fastest and cheapest way to get your first Irish passport or renew your passport. Once you have your photo, it only takes about ten minutes.

Passport Online is the only way to apply for an Irish Passport in your country.

Passport Online will return your passport book, passport card and relevant supporting documentation directly to you.

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Documents you need

Please see the detailed Documentary Requirements for Passport Applications page from the Passport Service.

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Passport photo guidelines

Please see the detailed Photo Guidelines page from the Passport Service.

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Getting your application witnessed

Please see the detailed How to get your Application Witnessed page from the Passport Service.

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Passports for children

Children can no longer be included on their parents’ or guardians' passports. This is intended to make international travel more secure for children. In order to travel, each child must have their own passport.

Please see the detailed Getting First Passport for a Child and Renewing or Replacing a Passport for a Child from the Passport Service.

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Please see the detailed Passport Fees page.

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