Presidency Priorities

12 September 2022

Across our six-month Presidency term, Ireland will pursue three clear and complementary priorities, with the overarching aim of renewing ‘‘the conscience of Europe’’ in the wake of war on our continent.

1. Our Founding Freedoms

First, at a time of turmoil, we will reaffirm ‘Our Founding Freedoms’, by refocusing on human rights protection for civilians across Europe, above all through the vital work of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

2. Hear Our Voices

Second, we will actively promote participatory democracy and engagement with young people through ‘Hear Our Voices’, drawing on our own experience with citizens’ assemblies.

3. Fáilte

Finally, framed within the Irish concept of ‘Fáilte’, and drawing on the transformation our own society has undergone since we last held the Presidency in 2000, we will work to foster a Europe of welcome, inclusion, and diversity.

Find out more about our Presidency Priorities in our handbook: