Bloomsday In New Zealand

12 September 2022

Embassy Wellington is hosting a number of Bloomsday initiatives and events.


The International Joyce exhibition is touring South Island Public Libraries (Dunedin, Invercargill, Frankton and Greymouth) from 14 June to 2 July, including a film and Storybox. The exhibition is also being shared between Tūranga (Christchurch Public Library) and the Teece Classical Museum at the University of Canterbury until the end of the year.

Bloomsday stand in a public library in New Zealand.

Wellington public library is displaying special banners related to Joyce and his special connection with New Zealand until the end of the month. They also produced a podcast which you can listen to with Ambassador Ryan.

Also in Wellington, there will be a display at the Victoria University of Wellington, in association with Dr Sydney Shep of Wai-te-ata Press and Dr Marco Sonzogni, a Joyce expert. He will speak at the launch 16 June, and the Ambassador will open the exhibition.

Dr Sonzogni and Dr Michelle Elvy will also launch their new book on Joyce, Breach of All Size, at Unity Books on Bloomsday. This has been supported by the Embassy and the EU Delegation of NZ.

The RTÉ documentary, 100 Years of Ulysses, was shown at Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival 2022, following Dr Sonzogni’s talk 'Ulysses, the Story of a Book'.

University of Auckland library is hosting an exhibition, James Joyce: In His Wake from 30 May - 29 June. English Professor Erin G. Carlston, a modernist scholar, and four of her students gave an accompanying lunchtime talk on Joyce and his legacy.

Book Giveaways

Finally, the Embassy is partnering with the Libraries and Universities to give away editions of Ulysses, and has held a book giveaway competition.


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